Day of Civil Aviation of Moldova

2 September in 1994 the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova signed a resolution declaring the country in the Day of Civil Aviation.

The document states that "in accordance with the Resolution of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova ? 433-XII of December 26 in 1990, in connection with the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of civil aviation aircraft for regular passenger services and taking into account the wishes of the Civil Aviation, Government of the Republic of Moldova agrees: declare September 19 the date of the professional holiday — Day of Civil Aviation┬╗.

The first civilian airfield was located in the north-eastern suburbs of Chisinau. September 19, 1944 in Chisinau made the first airplane flight, and since then the civil aviation Moldova has achieved tremendous success and is developing as an important sector of the national economy.

Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) — the central body of public sector management in the field of civil aviation. The duties of the administration is charged with supporting the normal functioning of the Civil Aviation Authority of Moldova.

In honor of the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the Civil Aviation in Moldova and professional holiday aviators Chisinau International Airport held September 19, 2009 open house.

Children and adults who want to learn about the activities Airport were able to visit the exhibition of aircraft, airport and see his work from the inside, watch the planes take off and landing, as well as to see the spectacular air show.

Every year the airport services used by hundreds of thousands of passengers. The flights will make three national and 11 foreign airlines to 24 destinations. Moldova is the largest state-owned airline Air Moldova, which accounts for more than half the air.