Day gunsmith in Russia

new professional holiday appeared in Russia in 2010, thanks perhaps the most famous gunsmith modernity — , is the creator of the legendary AK-47.

This holiday is a very interesting story. May 25 2010 (then chairman of the Russian government) visited Izhevsk, which toured the Defense Enterprise "Izhmash". The Prime Minister visited the shop, which for decades produced weapons, and stand around with various modifications of the famous machine talked with the designer Mikhail Kalashnikov.

It was during that conversation Kalashnikov asked Putin to establish a day of Russian gunsmith. "We want to do everything to Russia occupied a worthy place in the arms market — said the designer. — We ask that you do day to once a year, we could gather and summarize. This kind of day gunsmiths. " The Prime Minister promised that such a day will appear in the calendar, the more that such a request was made by the Union of Russian arms.

The date chosen holiday September 19 — the day when the Orthodox Church honors Archangel Michael, the patron saint of the heavenly host. In favor of this development was the fact that the lead of the heavenly warrior same name as the main Russian gunsmith — Mikhail Kalashnikov.

In the same year, Russian President has signed the order, who set a new professional holiday "in order to recognize the outstanding contribution of the creators of weapons in the protection and independence of the stateĀ».

Celebrate this holiday can, in many cities across the country, where there are defense companies. But the greatest joy of the emergence of a new date, delivered, of course, the residents of Izhevsk, the home of the AK-47, and Tula, a city that has long been proud of its traditions of weapons.