Day HR- manager

Day HR-manager — this day management specialist staff (HR — from the English — human resources). This festival is celebrated by all professional specialists headhunters on the third Wednesday in September.

History Day HR-manager begins in 1835, when the Russian Empire issued a decree "On the relation between the owners of establishments and factory workers people coming in at shared in the same employment. "

This ruling was the first in the country document that regulated the relationship between capital and wage labor, and placed on record the existence of the workers, whose work in the company determines virtually everything.

Occupation HR- Manager replaces the personnel officer of the personnel department of the Soviet sample the second half of the 90's of the 20th century. But whereas HR employees performed exceptionally routine work (design and documentation on hiring, firing, going on vacation and sick leave), the responsibilities of HR-managers is much wider.

Any vacancy HR-Manager now includes a list of the requirements and responsibilities: from finding candidates who will become full-fledged employees, to determine the personnel policy of the company and the corporate culture as a whole.