Newton's day

Oh how wonderful discoveries
Prepare prosveschenya
spirit and experience, the son of hard errors,
And a genius, one of paradoxes,
And the case, the god of the inventor ...
AS Pushkin (1829, publ. 1884)

no coincidence that in the first days of the new year, it is appropriate to recall the famous pyatistishiya AS and talk about science. Or rather — to talk about one of the greatest physicists, mathematicians and astronomers of the 17th century, whose mind and experience have established the law of universal gravitation and the three laws of mechanics, which became the basis of classical mechanics.

{Person-51} {Isaac Newton / person} — internationally recognized genius — a personality, which is dedicated to today's holiday Day of Newton (Newton Day). Newton's life from birth to death-bed was filled with more accidents and coincidences that have led to the laws of logic and discoveries. Scientists around the world and now use the theorem of Newton, Leibniz, Newton's law of viscosity, the first, second and third laws of Newton, the binomial theorem, Newton's interpolation formula, not to mention literally legendary Newton's law of universal gravitation.

Way I wonder what the story of the apple falling from the tree, which had suggested to Newton's thinking about the free fall of bodies, considered to be truthful. SI Vavilov's biography "Isaac Newton" quoted one of the close friends of Newton, Stakleya:

«After lunch (in London, in Newton), the weather was hot, and we went into the garden and drank tea under the shade of some apple trees , and there were only two of us. Incidentally, Sir Isaac told me that in exactly the same situation he was in, when he first came up with the idea of ??gravity. It was caused by the fall of an apple, as he sat lost in thought. Why is apple always falls steeply, he thought to himself, why not to the side, and always at the center of the Earth. There should be an attractive force in the matter, concentrated in the center of the Earth. If the matter is so drawn to another matter, there must be proportionality its quantity. Therefore the apple draws the Earth as well as the earth apple. Should, therefore, have a force similar to that which we call gravity, extending throughout the universe».

Although many laws and theories developed by Newton, were significantly augmented in the last three centuries, scientists, researchers , undergraduate and graduate students of natural sciences, lovers of scientific knowledge and experimentation annually {day-1-4} January 4 {/ day} celebrate Newton — the birthday of the great Englishman.

Internationally recognized geniyOdnim of the places visited on the Day of Newton, is the tomb of a scholar at Westminster Abbey in London. The inscription on the tombstone has concentrated only some aspects of the work of the scientist, but these words are enough to understand the depth of his greatness:

«Here lies Sir Isaac Newton, a nobleman, who almost divine mind first proved with the torch of mathematics movement of the planets , the path of comets and the tides of the oceans. He explored the difference of the light rays and emerging with different color properties, which previously unsuspected. Diligent, wise and faithful interpreter of nature, antiquity and the St.. scripture, he maintained his philosophy majesty of almighty God, and like to express the gospel simplicity. Let mortals rejoice that there is a decoration of the human race ... ".