Day of the social protection of the population in Moldova

honorable mission to do good and to fulfill the commandment of love and compassion for one's neighbor, and the struggle with the spiritual and material impoverishment and injustice in society — all this lies with the social worker.

In Moldova, a Law "On social protection of disabled people┬╗ (? 821-XII), adopted December 24 in 1991, according to which: "Persons with Disabilities in the Republic of Moldova have the full social, economic and personal rights and freedoms enshrined in the Declaration on the Rights of Disabled Persons, adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations and the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, the present Law and other legislative acts. Discrimination against the disabled is prohibited and punishable by law┬╗.

In Moldova, there is a system of social protection and social support for families and children, which is characterized with 2 main mechanisms: cash transfers and social services.

As part of the reform of the social security system 14 July in 1999 the Parliament adopted the Law "On state social benefits for certain categories of citizens", granting the right to state social benefits to persons not entitled to pensions of state social insurance.

Social workers are making every possible effort in their work, showing the skill and professionalism, warmth and humanity, love and optimism contribute to the solution of urgent problems faced by society.