Day of the forest

When you enter the forest, fragrant and cool
Among the solar spots and strict silence
Meet your chest, so joyfully and eagerly,
breath wet grass and pine aroma ...

Forest needed a wise and caring host. In the third Sunday of September marks professional holiday of people who, with their noble work multiply our forest resources and promote their sustainable use.

Today is the Day of Forest Workers celebrated in Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine.

Wood — our greatest natural treasure, a pledge of ecological safety, the priority component of the national economy and the basis for the economic stability of the country.

Rainforest (Photo: STILLFX, Shutterstock) The conservation, multiplication, careful and efficient use of this precious national treasure — the duty not only forest but also to society.

estimated that forests cover about one-third of the land area, and the total area of ??forests in the world is 38 million square meters. km. Half of the forest area belongs to the tropical forests, the fourth part is located in the northern hemisphere. The forest area in Russia is approximately 8,000,000 square meters. km.