Day of Ukrainian cinema

workers holiday film — Day of Ukrainian cinema — established by the Decree President of Ukraine ? 52/96 from on January 12 in 1996 and is celebrated annually on the second Saturday of September.

First Ukrainian filming took place in September 1896 in Kharkiv, where Photographer Alfred Fedetskiy shot some scenes chronicle. In December, the Fedetskiy arranged the first Ukrainian film session at the Kharkiv Opera Theater.

In pre-revolutionary cinema in Ukraine related to the work of many popular actors. Queen of the screen that time was , who was born in Poltava and starred in many Odessa.

In 1922 was founded Ukrainian fotokinoupravlenie, who managed to reconstruct the Yalta and Odessa Enterprise , and in 1928 to commission the Kiev film studio (future Kiev studio them. A.Dovzhenko). In 1930 in Ukraine there is a first sound film — documentary Vertov "Symphony of the DonbassĀ».

Ukrainian artists of the past century have created their own vibrant film school, which has enriched the world worthy of a movie. In the memory will remain forever the names of , Ivan Kavaleridze, , Sergei Parajanov, , Leonid Osyka, Ivan Mykolaychuk, and their many talented creative followers. Over the past years in the Ukrainian cinema a new generation of film artists.

Since 2003, Ukraine has a national program of development of the film industry, the aim of which is to create the right conditions for the development of Ukrainian cinematography, resuming the role and influence of the national cinema in the cultural the social and spiritual aspects of life of the Ukrainian people, the resumption of cinematography as a competitive industry, improving the mechanisms of extra-budgetary funding and attracting investment in Ukrainian cinematography.