Day worker mobilization of Ukraine

The establishment of the professional holiday of the Day of the mobilization of Ukraine related to the employee's date of September 12 in 1992, when it was established the Office of the mobilization and recruitment of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. September 14 in 1993 it was transformed into the Main Organization and Mobilization Directorate (Mobilization).

Given the weight of the mobilization of all levels, the importance of mobilization, organization and establishment, registration and enlistment of work and manning personnel, as well as planning the logistics of mobilization measures, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine 22 August in 2000 issued a decree "On the establishment of the Day of Mobilisation worker».

Since independence, Ukraine Ukrainian army mobilization agencies directly involved in the preparation of more than 80 laws and a lot of other regulations.

In particular, on the recruitment of the army, it was decided that From spring conscription 2000 acquisition of the army will be on a territorial basis (previously it was happening on an extraterritorial basis). In Ukraine, introduced a mixed principle of manning the Armed Forces: about 40% of recruits began their military service within the area from which they were called in, about 22% — in related fields.

About 30% of recruits were sent to the training units and units, and after graduation returned to the military units deployed in areas where they are recruited or adjacent regions, and only about 8% of recruits began to pass military service in other (non-contiguous) areas.