Programmer's Day in Russia

11 September in 2009, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree number 1034, prepared by the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, which set a new Russian official professional holiday — Day of the programmer.

According to this document, the Programmer's Day is celebrated in Russia on the 256th day of the year — September 13, and if it is a leap year — September 12. The number 256 was chosen because it is the number of integers that can be expressed by a single octet, and the maximum power of 2, which is smaller than the number of days in a year — 365.

Recall that July 24 in 2009 by the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation was prepared and submitted to the government a draft decree of the President of Russia "On the Day of the programmer."

Of course, many people know that this date has long been an unofficial holiday in the world of people who have linked his professional career with the programming. And now the national importance of the scope of software development and the significant contribution of specialists of the profession to the innovative development of the Russian Federation considered sufficient for the emergence of an approved professional holiday.

So it was just a few years ago (Photo: Jerome Scholler, Shutterstock) Often, the word "programming" and everything connected with it, is associated with just an ordinary person with a personal computer, but it is not. Almost every electronic device — from the remote control to complex industrial programmable machines — at one time passed through the hands of experts in programming.

hourly We are faced with the labors of the fact that the programmer did. Whether we look TV, listen to the radio, talk to on the phone — we use the fact that the programmer has created. Perhaps this is one of the professions that covers such a wide area of ??our lives.

The value of the profession programmer in everyday life is difficult to overestimate. This type of activity is becoming more widespread, and at the same time symbolizes the avant-garde of modern society.