Day barber

Today is the feast of its master comb and scissors — hairdressers. It should be clarified that some professional groups celebrate this holiday September 14. While no precise information, why in these days of September the tradition of celebrating the feast of hairdressers, but the study of thematic sources will help us to quickly get an answer to this question.

In addition, it is fair to say that the people of this holidays for two professions: the tradition hairdressers together with other members of the service industry also point Day of Trade and Consumer Services, which is celebrated on the third Sunday in March.

matter that in Soviet times was considered a mediocre hairdresser enterprise services — something of a dry cleaning or repair shop. At present, the situation is quite different: a modern hairdresser, especially high-end — it is rather an artist than a craftsman.

Today, according to some, in Russia there are about 70,000 hairdressers and beauty salons, and their number is constantly growing. And more than 200,000 people call themselves barbers. This is the result of development of the profession, which has a history not even the century and the millennium.

(Photo: Aliaksei Lasevich, Shutterstock) believed that the first professional barbers appeared in ancient Egypt. They served mainly pharaohs and their wives painted, cut their hair, they were constructed of elaborate hairstyles, which can still be seen on the preserved drawings. In ancient Egyptian barbers were even special tools resembling modern razors and scissors.

And the first "beauty" to care for themselves emerged in ancient Greece. The noble ladies could lead here in order of their hair and nails. Interestingly, each procedure performed individual — specially trained slave.

The very same word "barber" — German origin, derived from the term Per