Teacher's Day in Argentina

Teacher's Day in Argentina (Argentina Teacher's Day) is celebrated every year September 11 and is a very important event for the entire nation.

In fact, Teacher's Day celebrates the entire country as a national holiday for educational institutions — closed. This day is significant not only an expression of feelings of gratitude to teachers, he remembered the Argentines as the anniversary of the death of the former President of the country and the great educator — Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, 1811-1888), who was known as a teacher of president.

During his reign (1868-1874) Sarmiento was initiated many reforms in education, which has become an invaluable contribution to the distinguished history of education in the country. He also founded the Naval and Military School, School of Agronomy and Forestry in San Juanni (San Juan), Mendoza (Mendoza), Salta (Salta) and Tucuman (Tucuman).

President Sarmiento also established primary schools in many provinces of the country during his reign began to operate training programs for teachers, he advocated the establishment of training schools for teachers.

Teacher's Day — one of the most popular professional holidays in Argentina. On this day, teachers receive congratulations from his students, who give them flowers and gifts.

Teacher — it's not only the person who teaches science, but also a sower reasonable, good and eternal. Teachers have a special civilian mission — education of the young generation. Their knowledge and experience, the continuity of tradition and innovation are at the heart of each school.