Day of specialist educational work

11 September employees of educational institutions of the Armed Forces of Russia celebrate their professional holiday — Day of specialist educational work.

In the order of the Secretary of State — Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, which entered this professional holiday, it is noted that in this day in 1766, was approved by the Charter of the cadet corps of land, which were first introduced post training officers.

In 1992, the General Directorate for work with personnel of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, which in 1997 was renamed the General Directorate of Educational Work Forces (GUVR BC), and on its basis in 2010 formed the Main Directorate for work with personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Coat GUVR Sun RFOsnovnymi tasks GUVR employees in the armed forces of the country are: the organization of educational work in the interests of the state policy in the field of defense and security organization of the patriotic education of servicemen and advocacy to raise the profile and prestige of military service, organization of public and state training of military and civilian personnel in the Armed Forces, to develop and implement measures to strengthen the morale and military discipline among the troops, the organization of psychological work , the implementation of the Armed Forces of the measures of psychological help, support and rehabilitation of military personnel, and general organizational and methodological guidance, control and full support of the media and the Armed Forces of the other.

For example, today only in the Siberian Military District perform housekeeping tasks than 800 officers of educational institutions, it is deputy commanders at all levels of the educational work, military psychologists and sociologists, the officers at public and state training and information on the cultural and leisure-time work, the military, journalists, teachers of humanities at military schools.

In the interest of educational work in the sun operates home officers and soldiers' clubs, libraries, film and video items lounges. The troops and agencies are active museums and rooms of military glory. The higher military educational institutions of Russia train personnel for this type of troops.