Day tester

9 September in 1945, scientists at Harvard University who tested the computing machine Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator, found a moth stuck between the contacts of electromechanical relays.

Existing work required description, and the word was found — debugging (Debugging, literally, to get rid of insect) — so now is the process of identifying and eliminating bugs (bugs) — of the failure of the computer. And the word tester made from the word test — test, test.

Tester or a tester of software (SW) — a specialist who is testing software for the purpose of quality assurance and control of software or information system.

Job tester requires a broad knowledge and skills — have an understanding of the principles of building software, the structure of software systems, or hands-on experience in software development. Also often need skills in working with databases, knowledge of the query language SQL, scripting languages, and knowledge in the administration of operating systems.

It looked like the first detected bagOsnovnoe requirement, which extends to the tester — is, on the one hand, the ability to think like a user (say clearer user) for the product or a system that is in the process of checking and, on the other hand, to analyze the behavior of the system input parameters and results from the point of view of an engineer who is involved in the development of a software product.

And back in 1945 extracted insect bug was glued to a technical journal, with an accompanying inscription: "The first found a bug", and later transferred to the museum of computing. It is not known whether America notes or other countries this auspicious day, and in the non-Russian festival has taken root.

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