Day of grandparents in Canada

In Canada, as in America, following the Labor Day Sunday of September, tribute is paid to the older generation: the Day of grandparents (National Grandparents Day).

Festival came up housewife Marian McQuaid from the State of West Virginia (USA) in 1970, and at first he caught only in the state. But after eight years of the initiative group of American citizens, headed by Mrs. McQuaid had made their way — Grandperents-Day became a national triumph.

Usually on this day families try to pay maximum attention to the elderly, all coming together to play old-fashioned board games, flip through the yellowed photo albums, listen to stories about the affairs of bygone days.

On this day, young and adult grandchildren congratulate their grandparents with their holiday, give them flowers and gifts and be sure to stop by for a visit. Grandma's happy to meet her grandchildren and tend to treat their sweet cakes. Grandfather that day, too, tend to treat grandchildren some special way to spend the day with them, to engage them in a family picnic, to give them their skills in cooking barbecue.

Picnic, barbecue dedicated obschesemeynomu Day of grandparents — a traditional event organized by Canadians in the yard of her home in any weather. If the weather in September this holiday weekend is especially good, the people took every opportunity to go somewhere. Someone is going on day by a distance in the range of 1-3-hour drive (and in Canada as the roads are good, go for it while you can away) to return home in the evening, and someone in the car load the tent and sleeping bags, stored food and rides for a few days, if it is allowed time off or leave from work.

They go by entire clans, taking not only all the immediate family members (parents and 2-3-4 children, including toddlers and a few months, and even weeks of age), but also grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends, one or two favorite dogs, a bunch of bikes, a boat or a boat on a trailer or on the roof ...

On in Canada there are just a whole lot of camping sites (campgrounds), where you can stay in a tent or with a mobile home (motorhome or trailer), which has both a shower and a TV with satellite channels, and a kitchen, and many other very not very necessary thing in travel.

On the grounds of a "service" can be connected to the water supply, sewerage and electricity, and to feel "at home", leaving the older generation to enjoy not only the fresh air and beautiful scenery, but by all the familiar and age-appropriate terms and conditions of comfort.