Christmas Lady of the Western Christian

Feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary Mother of God (Feast of the Nativity (Birth) of the Blessed Virgin Mary) commemorating the birth of the Mother of Jesus Christ — the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In the New Testament contains very little information about the life of the Virgin and the event was celebrated on this day, recorded only in the church tradition.

The legend is reported that the parents of the Virgin Mary were pious Joachim, who came from the lineage of King David, and Anna — of a kind of high priests. Mary was born on a special promise God of Joachim and Anna, when they were already at an advanced age. Mary was the name given the angel who announced to his parents and most of her birth.

Celebrating the Nativity of the Virgin, Christians emphasize how important the role is assigned to the Virgin Mary in the implementation of the divine plan for the salvation of mankind.

The first mention of the celebration of the Nativity of the Mother of God belong to the second half of the 5th century. Around the same time, the holiday was included in the church calendar. Nativity of the Virgin is one of the great festivals.

The Orthodox Church celebrates the Nativity of the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary September.