Day of the oil, gas, petrochemical industry and petroleum products in Ukraine

Day of the oil, gas, petrochemical industry and petroleum products marked in Ukraine every year on the second Sunday of September, according to the Decree of the President № 302/93 of 12 August in 1993.

Ukraine has a long tradition in the field of mining and oil use and natural gas.

producing oil in Ukraine began in the 18th century, and in 1909 in the Carpathian mined 2,000,000 tons of oil. Gas industry dates back to the introduction of the Dashavske gas field and construction of the first gas pipeline Dashava — stry in 1924.

The intensive development of the oil and gas industry due to the opening of the post-war period of significant oil and gas reserves in the region Dnieper-Donets basin, the Carpathians and the Crimea in the Black Sea and gas-bearing area.

On the territory of Ukraine, and began the world's first exports of natural gas — they began to be implemented in Poland since 1945. Now Ukraine has a complex pipeline system. Its general slowness reaches 37,000 miles. Through the country goes through a series of important strategic pipelines, the length of which 4.7 thousand kilometers.

Ukraine is a country with a deficit of its own natural hydrocarbon resources. To meet the demand for gas through its own production by 23-25% in oil — by 12-15%, oil and gas industry of Ukraine provides energy industry and housing sector of the country.

There gasified 488 cities, 960 towns and almost 26,000 villages. Gas supply is carried out approximately 112,000 industrial and household consumers, as well as about 15 million apartments and private homes.

Processing of gas and gas condensate with 5 gas refineries. The number of employees in the industry is about 1% of the working population.