Day of the Novorossiysk naval district

Employees of the Novorossiysk naval base (HMB) note in That day their professional holiday. The tradition put the order of the Commander of the Navy of the Russian Federation ? 253 of on July 15 in 1996 "On the introduction of annual holidays and professional days in the specialty." Unlike many other holidays celebrated by various agencies and departments, in this case, as the official date was not chosen day of creation, and the day of rebirth Naval District on the Black Sea.

The background of these events is as follows. From 1925 to 1940, the Novorossiysk naval base existed nominally, but shortly before the start of the Great Patriotic War became a full division of the Soviet Army. on January 29 in 1941 Order of the Black Sea Fleet identified the staffing structure of the base.

There were deployed battalions ships raid protection of the water, the training division of submarines, torpedo boat detachment, of coastal artillery and rear. During the war, they were the backbone of the besieged garrison of Odessa and Sevastopol. In September 1942, the Soviet troops left Novorossiysk base headquarters and its main forces moved in Gelendzhik, from which the landing of amphibious assault on Little Earth.

A year later, in September 1943, Novorossiysk managed to free from enemies, but before the base faced another challenge — to clear mined by the Nazis sea. Only in the waters of the port had been cleared dozens of minutes.

In 1947, the Novorossiysk naval base was disbanded, and the main forces were based Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine and Georgia. However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union once again become a topical issue of the use of Novorossiysk as the main base of the Russian fleet. And September 8 in 1994 the government issued a decree "On the formation of the Novorossiysk naval area and establish a system-based naval forces in the Krasnodar Territory." This document defined the status of the revived base — and became a prerequisite for the announcement of the new holiday.

His mark on this day sailors and civilian personnel base. They also recall their predecessors — novorossiytsev who fought heroically during World War II.