Russian financier Day

8 September 1802 Emperor 3076 Alexander his Imperial manifesto formed in the Russian Ministry of Finance. Today, this day is celebrated as the professional holiday of workers of the financial authorities. Holiday was established by presidential decree on on August 19 2011 N 1101 "On the Day of the financier».

Ministry of Finance — One of the oldest institutions of Russia, which in 2002 celebrated its 200th anniversary. Throughout its history, the Ministry of Finance has played, is playing and will play one of the most pivotal roles in the conduct of financial policies of the country.

Even in the first half of the nineteenth century, County Kankrin, one of the most prominent and the most prominent Russian finance ministers , who held the post for 21 years very clearly sformulirval: «Protection of Finance — is to protect the vitality of the existence of the state» .

A for the "protection of Finance" in the full financial responsibility workers. On the main opredelnnye financier — is a specialist leading large cash transactions on a legitimate basis, in other words, on a legal basis.

Currently, the Russian financial system working class professionals who are responsible, conscientious, competent, capable of solving the most complex problems easily orient themselves in the intricacies of the budget and tax legislation.

Now Russia is, in fact, newly formed budget relations. Before the public authorities should make the transition to regulate the budget is to control not cost structure, and their total volume and the results obtained.

In the light of this task will be fully demand high capacity, professional finance staff at all levels.