International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day (International Literacy Day) — one of the International Days, celebrated in the United Nations system.

Literacy — a true feast for the humanity which has reached impressive progress in this area, bringing the number of literate people in the world to four billion. However, literacy for all — children, youth and adults — is not yet fully achieved the goal.

Despite notable successes in many countries, more than 860 million adults are illiterate, and more than 100 million children are not in school. Countless children, young people and adults are covered by school or other educational programs that do not meet the level required for them to be considered literate in today's world that is becoming more complex.

There is a clear need for the deployment of literacy programs, which would be aimed at a group of students requiring special attention, first and foremost this includes women and girls are left outside the door of the school. There, where men and boys are deprived of quality education, they also need special attention.

Literacy Day is celebrated today in Azerbaijan and Ukraine.