World Day of crane

The first month of autumn is rich in ecological holidays. So, on the second Sunday of September our planet marks the World Day crane.

The first ancestors of these beautiful birds appeared during the time of the dinosaurs, about 40-60 million years ago. Crane is the historical homeland of North America, from where they migrated first to Asia and then to Africa and Australia. Currently, the population of cranes is widespread throughout the world, the only exceptions are South America and Antarctica. The main wintering areas cranes — Iran and the west of India.

There are about 15 species of cranes in Russia nest seven of them. Some types of cranes are listed as endangered.

Once the crane was a fishing bird, but now it is under the protection of the law. However, despite the protests of the international environmental and ornithological community, in some countries (for example, in Afghanistan and Pakistan) are still preserved the tradition of hunting migratory cranes.

First Day Crane noted in 2002 in the United States. Advocating to save the endangered whooping crane, scientists, environmentalists planted on its eggs in the nests of other species of cranes, which went to nest in safety. Day when nesting off a clutch of rescued birds, was declared the new environmental holiday, and the crane has become a symbol of organizations protecting nature.

As the organizer of the Day of the crane stands Working Group of Eurasia, with the support of the Secretariat of the Bonn Convention (Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals), the Global Environment Facility for the Siberian Crane (Siberian white crane) and its habitat, and the International Crane Foundation with the participation of the Russian Bird Conservation Union, and Moscow Zoo.

The celebration of the World Day of crane coincides with the annual account of the cranes, which are held in predotletnyh period. The holiday itself in different countries is accompanied by festivals, promotions, competitions and photo exhibition dedicated to the Crane, as well as excursions to places of autumn flocks of birds, where they take part in the calculation of all interested persons.