Salami Day in the U.S.

turns out that your day is even salami. It is celebrated September 7. The beginning of this unusual holiday began in the U.S. in 2006. The idea of ??the meeting came up with two friends Christine and Virginia — lovers of this delicious product. It was September 7, they being at home, in the city of Henrico (Va.), announced the creation of the Society of salami.

Festival has quickly gained popularity in America, and then — due to the large number of fans salami — was widely circulated around the world. Including came to Russia, where he had followers and supporters of two American friends.

The tradition of celebrating the Day of salami (Salami Day) are simple and straightforward: the day on the table must necessarily be a favorite sausage — in a large amount of different varieties, sliced ??thin, almost transparent rings. Salami also can be added to any other meals you serve. It can serve as a filling for a calzone and pizza, present in salads, in a sauce for pasta or sandwiches in common.

By the way, for those who believe that the salami — tverdokopchenaya or smoked sausage, explain what it is error. In fact, salami — not smoked sausage and jerky. It prepares the method of drying. Some types of salami and if exposed to a slight smoked, only to give them a taste.

First salami appeared in Italy. What is surprising, she was born not as a product of gourmet and high society, as a result of the desire of the poor peasants to keep the meat on the long winter months. The word "salami" is derived from the Italian "fat" — salt, because this product in the production of sausages has played a significant role.

The main ingredients except salt salami are meat (pork, beef, venison, game, or even horse meat oslyatina in Italy), fat, spices and seasonings, as well as wine or brandy. Meat rotated through a meat grinder with the addition of fat, then kneaded sausage "dough", in which you can add other components, then they're launching the sausage casing. Then the sausage is hung for drying. At this time, it developed a special bacteria which increase the acidity inside the shell, the meat inside the "getting ready" and is edible. Once the sausage provyalilas, it was further dried in the process by which the skins there is a characteristic white coating — penicillin mold, sausage protects from damage.

Salami came to America with Italian immigrants. Recognized as the capital of salami in the U.S. is the city of San Francisco, where the ancient secrets of the Italian sausage preserved until the present day.