Day of Engineering Corps Armenia

7 September in 1992 completed the formation of the engineering unit of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia. Since 2000, 7 September is celebrated as the Day of Engineering Corps of the National Army of Armenia.

Army Corps of Engineers — units, units and special forces of the Armed Forces of Armenia, intended for technical equipment areas of fighting, engineering reconnaissance and support troops in the offensive. The structure includes Corps of Engineers engineer-sapper, engineering and road, pontoon and other units. One of the priorities Corps of Engineers is de-mining in the zone of the Karabakh conflict.

According to studies carried out in the framework of the UN Development Programme, the number of mines in Armenia from 80 to 100,000. In the 60 border communities deemed dangerous to life more than a hundred sites with a total area of ??about Z22 square kilometers, that is, more than one per cent of the territory of Armenia.

Costs the loss of life. Since 1994, the mine, unexploded ordnance and other explosive conflict affected pores Z94 civilians, a third of whom were killed. Most of them were overtaken by an explosion during a peaceful labor — cultivation, grazing, construction, harvesting.

In the summer of 2007 shift of Armenian peacekeepers was sent to Iraq. As part of the Armenian "blue helmets" — 5 doctors, a transport platoon, communications, as well as 10 engineers.

September 7, 2007 the Corps of Engineers National Army Armenia celebrates its 15th anniversary. On the occasion of the anniversary of distinguished engineers and fortifikatsionschikov submitted to the awards, have been promoted, given the extraordinary vacation.

Engineer troops of Armenia took part in the grand parade on the Independence Day of the Republic in the 15th anniversary of the independence of Armenia.

To date, the Corps of Engineers in Armenia during its existence has gained a unique experience work — that military experience, and the experience humannity clearance, and international experience. This work is in the mountains and on the plains, in a forest or a swampy area ...

In 2012, the Corps of Engineers of the National Army of Armenia celebrate its 20th anniversary.