Day expert on nuclear security

Day expert on nuclear security set by Presidential Decree number 549 of 31 May 2006 "On establishing professional holidays and memorable days in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation┬╗.

To work on the creation of the atomic bomb were brought by two agencies — the military and the nuclear industry. The task of the Special Department of the General Staff have been training and testing of the atomic bomb. The main result of his activity was the creation in the short term the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site where 29 August 1949 was carried out its first nuclear test in the USSR, putting an end to the U.S. nuclear monopoly.

Since the day was conducted 715 nuclear tests. Last blast in the New Earth 24 October in 1990.

Socialist ideologues believed that the creation of nuclear bombs in the war-torn country — an example of the concentration of intellectual, physical and spiritual resources. name, a nuclear physicist, one of the founders of the hydrogen bomb, connected not only with the scientific developments in the nuclear field, but also known for his publications and speeches about the destructive power of nuclear weapons and not to use it for the destruction of the cities.

The Chernobyl tragedy forced to reconsider the usual stereotypes, especially in matters of nuclear safety. Because of the need to tighten control of its compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR, a new organizational structure — Inspection of nuclear safety of nuclear weapons. In the context of the lessons of Chernobyl should be considered and the creation of a professional rescue service of the Main Control.

Russia has strategic nuclear forces, which consist of a ground-based intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), stationary and mobile, ground and rail options-based, maritime and aviation strategic nuclear weapons.

Today, the development of the nuclear weapons complex in Russia is carried out in the framework of the State Program of Armaments, federal programs (FTP), in the first instance, the Federal Program "Development of the nuclear weapons complex of the Russian Federation for 2007-2010. and for the period up to 2015. " The implementation of the activities envisaged by these documents will provide the conservation of key basic nuclear technology, and human and technological capacities of organizations of Rosatom, will ensure further development and strengthening of the nuclear shield of our Fatherland.

This professional holiday marked by implementation of measures for awarding veterans special risk units and perpetuate the memory of the victims.