Day of notaries in Ukraine

Day notary (notar?atu Day) is celebrated in Ukraine with 2010. The decree establishing the new date, President Viktor Yushchenko signed a 22 February in 2010 — just three days before the expiration of his term of office.

With the request to enter the professional holiday Head of State appealed Ukrainian Chamber of Notaries, which consists of about 5,000 experts. Such a decision the House passed in late 2007, however, due to bureaucratic initiative had to be postponed.

15 June in 2009 a proposal supported by the Ministry of Justice of the notaries of Ukraine . It sent the president a statement in which he said: "... the notary is a natural defender of human rights, as has an independent and impartial legal advice on the principles of equality, justice and fairness." According to officials of the Ministry, the introduction of the Day of notaries would become "a recognition and confirmation of the authority and responsibility, a fair reward for the achievements and successes of the profession┬╗.

As recently celebrated Day of Notaries, the tradition of celebrating until it did not work out.

In Russia Day is celebrated annually notary April 27. Professional holiday in our country has been approved recently — April 13 in 2007. This decision was made by the supreme authority of the Federal Chamber of Notaries — Meeting of representatives of notary chambers of subjects of the Russian Federation.