Father's Day in Australia

Father's Day (Father's Day) started to celebrate only 20 century — along with Mother's Day. The main motive of the holiday — stress the role of the father in a child's upbringing and to the formation of a new identity.

There are many theories of the emergence of this holiday. The most common — the idea of ??celebrating an American owned Sonora Smart Dodd (Sonora Louise Smart Dodd), whose father, a veteran of the Civil War, one raised six children.

Celebration, on presentation of Mrs. Dodd, was to be dedicated to all the fathers. And it did. However, instead of June 5 (the death of his father entuziastki) approved the official date of the celebration of third Sunday in June. Today is Father's Day — a good tradition in most countries of the world.

In Australia, Father's Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. What is remarkable — Australians do not celebrate Father's Day in June, as most of the countries of the Commonwealth, and the first Sunday in September.

But the range of activities on this day are similar to those that take place around the world. Using the additional — holiday — a possibility that people thank their fathers for their care and support. Most often, children give flowers, chocolates and cards drawn by them to their dear fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and all the important men in their lives. The most popular gift this day — tie.

Although Father's Day — mostly "home" celebration, some clubs and social organizations in the country hold special entertainment programs. Family breakfast meeting — common in Australia's tradition of celebrating Father's Day. Also on this day the many popular action games, hiking and other activities that allow further strengthen the already strong relationship between fathers and children.