Entrepreneur Day of Ukraine

On the first Sunday of September in the Ukraine celebrates the Day of the entrepreneur who established by Presidential Decree number 1110/98 from October 5 in 1998 to celebrate the important role played by this sector in the formation of a new economic system, the development of democracy and civil society.

Currently, the economic activity in Ukraine is implemented in various forms of ownership (state, communal, collective, private), and multiple organizational and legal forms of entities that are permitted by law.

The Constitution in Article 42 proclaimed the right of every citizen to engage in types of business activities that are not the prerogative of the State or is not prohibited by law. The legislative acts on these issues should be primarily attributed Laws of Ukraine "On Property," "On Entrepreneurship", "On Enterprises", "On Business Associations", which defines the general legal, economic and social framework of such activities.

In Ukraine, thus creating the conditions for the exercise of the constitutional right to entrepreneurship, guaranteed his freedom.

The Law "On Entrepreneurship» (№ 698-12 of February 7 in 1991) indicated that business entities can be:
— Ukrainian citizens of other states, private entrepreneurs;
— legal entities of all forms of property, set
Law of Ukraine "On Property".

The Act stipulated freedom and constraints in the implementation of business activities, the basic principles, organizational forms and conditions of entrepreneurial activity.

For example, in Kharkov, in terms of population is one of the five megacities Ukraine are working 75,000 business entities, including individuals and businesses. And all in the sphere of small and medium-sized businesses of the city have created more than 230,000 jobs, that is involved in virtually every sixth Kharkov.

For every 10,000 people there are 86 small businesses, which is more than Ukraine's average (52 to 10 thousand people).