Day of the oil, gas and fuel industry

Day of the oil, gas and fuel industry — a professional Festival representatives of various oil and gas majors: geologists and drillers, developers and builders, transport, process engineers. It is a celebration of all those who have thrown in their lot with the oil and gas industry.

The oil industry, which is one of the main sectors of heavy industry, including exploration of oil and gas exploration, drilling and production of oil and associated gas and a crude oil pipeline.

Work community of people of all these professions are incredibly important. From the activities of the oil, gas and fuel industries depend uninterrupted operation of all sectors of the economy and comfort of life of citizens.

However, the work of those who work in these industries, it is very easy. These people are often risk their lives and health. One can only express my admiration for the courage and bravery, determination and resourcefulness, persistence, patience, these exceptional people.

This professional holiday celebrated since 1980. Along with Russia, on the first Sunday of September, celebrate their professional holiday of oil and gas companies in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova.