Day of Knowledge

write different letters
thinly in a notebook
taught in school are taught in school,
taught in school.
subtract and multiply,
Kids do not offend
taught in school are taught in school,
taught in school.

«What is taught in school»
Words M. Plyatskovskim, music by V. Shainsky

Knowledge Day — this is the first call and excitement, the sea of ??white flowers and bows, and of course, the traditional lessons of the world. It is the most awaited day for those who first crossed the threshold of the school.

September 1 — celebration of the new school year, especially for pupils, students, teachers and staff. Traditionally on this day in schools the solemn line to mark the beginning of the school year. With great solemnity meet in the schools first graders.

In colleges and universities tend to do without lines, but the solemnity of the moment this does not decrease.

September 1 — it's a holiday for all students, students and their parents. We congratulate you on this wonderful day and we wish you to remember what matters most: the wisdom in life. Let life you and your children will always be a place of knowledge, wisdom, to help cope with everyday troubles.

This day is traditionally celebrate the CIS countries — Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine.