Day blog

The idea of ??celebrating the Day of the blog (Blog Day) August 31 appeared in 2005, when the active LiveJournal users viewed the word blog digits — 3108. Therefore, the date of the holiday set August 31 (31.08).

The initiators of the Day blog calling to devote his acquaintance with his friends from different countries and with different interests. To do this is to write a short review of five different blogs and 31 August to publish these records at with links to the author's page. It is thought that the best thing in the day to write about blogs, which are at odds with the scope of the common interests of the author, his point of view and lifestyle, and to the user, and visitors to its pages to discover something new.

Bloggers embraced the idea with enthusiasm. When first announced on August 31 a holiday in the Google index appeared at once 30,000 new pages. And in 2007, in connection with this date began the competition the best blogs Best of Blogs. It may participate publications in ten languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, German, Dutch, Persian, Portuguese, French and Russian.

Today, the blogosphere — both Russian and worldwide — is the fastest-growing part of the Internet, which has recently demonstrated almost three-fold increase over the year. In the world there are 75 million blogs, and in Russia, according to "Yandex", more than 2 million unique addresses. In the Russian-speaking LiveJournal there are copyright page, the audience in the tens and hundreds of thousands of readers a day. In fact, blogging is a social network and in the near future can be a powerful alternative to traditional media.

But do not confuse the blog's Day and International Day for the blogger, who in 2004 noted June 14. This festival is considered a symbol of friendship between LiveJournal users from different countries. June 14 every blogger can publish their own page message of solidarity with other authors online diaries.