Aviation Day in Ukraine

professional holiday of military and civilian pilots and employees of the aviation industry and Transportation — Aviation Day — celebrated in Ukraine on the last Saturday of August. The holiday is set by the Presidential Decree number 305/93 from on August 16 in 1993.

Ukraine — a country with a complete cycle of aviation, which has an effective system of state regulation of aviation own Vocational Education and Enterprise aircraft, developed network of modern airports and air navigation system.

Air traffic Ukraine covers 5 FIRs total area of ??nearly 730,000 square kilometers. Ukraine has a joint civil-military air traffic control system.

The naval forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have a marine brigade, and a squadron of aircraft and marine helicopter squadron.

It is noteworthy that in Ukraine there are several flight schools and aviation training institutions, including the National Aviation University, the National Aerospace University named after Zhukovsky, International Aviation Training Center (IATC), State Flight Academy of Ukraine.

on August 24 aviation technology always takes part in the military parade to mark the anniversary of the Ukrainian independence.