International Day of the Disappeared

UN General Assembly in 2011, in its resolution expressed serious concern that the world's growing number of disappearances of people. This category includes arrests, detention and abduction. By the same resolution, the General Assembly declared 30 August International Day of the Disappeared (International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances).

Disappearance entered into the strategy of planting an atmosphere of terror and, according to experts of the General Assembly of the United Nations, have become a global problem. First of these cases were associated with dictatorial regimes, but today they come in a variety of situations, especially in internal conflicts as a means of political repression of opponents.

The problem of enforced disappearances closely involved organization Amnesty International. Traditionally on this day she calls on governments to take all possible steps to eradicate such practices.

One of the instruments of struggle was the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Disappearance, adopted in 2006. It obliges States to give the status of enforced disappearance a criminal offense, to protect witnesses of such cases, as well as search for missing people, or — in the event of their death — even the remains. In addition, the Convention calls on governments to establish clear safeguards for persons deprived of their liberty.

However, the problem is not solved yet. Hundreds of thousands of cases of enforced disappearance remain uninvestigated, while there are new each year. And the International Day of the Disappeared activists call for civil society to draw attention to the problem and do everything in its power to deal with it.