Day of Russian Cinema

Professions much, but
perfectly all — movies.
Who came into this world —
Forever was happy.

Film, film, film ...

Music A.Zatsepin, words F. Khitruk

27 August in Russia marks the Day of Russian Cinema (according to the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR number 3018-X from October 1 1980 "On holidays and memorial days", as amended by the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR number 9724-XI of November 1 in 1988 " Amendments to the legislation of the USSR on holidays and memorial days»).

«Cinema "in Greek means" move "," moving ". The founders of the movie is considered , {event-their 1874} First Picture Show {/ event} was held in December 1895 in Paris, on the Boulevard des Capucines.

In the Russian premiere of the first film took place October 15 in 1908. It was the film "Ponizova libertines," directed by Vladimir Romashkova based on the folk song about Stenka Razin "Because of the island to the rod." It lasted the first Russian film just 7 minutes. A first color domestic tape was released in 1925. This was the famous "Battleship Potemkin» .

Marc "30 years of film Chapaev" 1964Lyubimy many generations of film «» Vasilyev brothers was filmed in 1934. On the I Moscow International Film Festival in 1935, the chairman of the jury which was Sergei Eisenstein, the creators of "Chapaev" received the first prize.

Since then, the film industry has undergone major changes, from silent films to sound, from black and white to color. From the beginning, the movies attached great importance to the ideological education of the people. Everyone knows the phrase has become a winged VI: «Of all the arts, for us cinema is the most important».

As you know, films are of different genres: scientific, documentary, journalistic, artistic. In recent years there has been a lot of film festivals: "Oscar», Moscow International Film Festival, "Golden Palm" at Cannes, Venice International Film Festival, "Berlinale» and others.