Miner's Day

In the last Sunday of August celebrate their professional holiday courageous people whose hard work — the key to successful economic development. More than half a century, Russia and Ukraine celebrate this holiday, paying tribute to the selfless work of the glorious army of thousands of miners.

Coal mining has been one of the key sectors of the Russian economy, providing fuel, businesses and citizens. The quantity and quality of the extracted raw materials, is critical to the heat in the apartments of the residents not only of the region but also the entire country during the coming winter.

Miner's Day has been approved in the USSR with the filing of Ministers of the coal industry, AF Zasjad'ko and DG The root 10 September in 1947. The first time the Miner's Day was celebrated 29 August in 1948.

Name that probably comes to mind when talking about the miners — the name of . on August 31 1935 miner Alexei Stakhanov, thanks to the special conditions of work organization, set a record: 5 hours 35 minutes mined 102 tons of coal — 14 standards. Since that time, made history of the word "Stakhanovite", "Stakhanovism", "work in stahanovski┬╗.

For the coal-mining towns and districts — Inta, Karaganda, Donetsk, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk — Day Miner is an important holiday and is widely celebrated open-air concerts and folk festivals. In the Kemerovo region come to this festival to perform well-known musical groups and other folk artists. Completed the triumph of celebratory fireworks.

Today is the miner miners celebrate Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, and Belarus.

The Editorial Board "Calendar of Events" sincerely congratulates all the workers of this industry leading mining industry on the holiday. Your the result of this work, courage and professionalism in our homes comes the warmth and comfort.