American National Waffle Day

In America today, fans will celebrate the National Day of sweet waffles (National Waffle Day). However, there are two whole festival in honor of this dessert: in addition to the U.S., there is also the International Day of waffles, celebrated 25 March.

What is the difference between an American delicacy? These waffles — not crispy plate, to which we are accustomed, and small "cakes", which are prepared in a special double pan (waffle iron) and have a distinct "pattern" in the form of a honeycomb. Their baked from a special dough prepared with hydrated soda, while in other countries the recipes used in yeast dough.

American waffles are different from their foreign "sisters" and externally: they are thin, square shape. Just the shape of wafers (or rather, a square device for their manufacture) and the related date of the holiday. on August 24 1869 Svarthaut Cornelius (Cornelius Swarthout), a resident of Troy (New York), was the country's first patent for a special pan for baking waffles. It consisted of two parts (bottom and lid). I had to flip the pan to evenly propeklis waffles.

Waffle used before — in the middle of the XIX century, Thomas Jefferson brought a special frying pan of Europe. However, with the advent of the American waffle product has grown in popularity, and over time the waffles were considered a traditional dish. In America, there is even a restaurant chain called "Waffle HouseĀ» (Waffle House); first one opened in 1955.

The invention of electricity made it possible to create sophisticated waffle iron. The first electric waffle iron appeared in 1911.

But the wafer cone for ice cream invented even earlier — in 1904. At the fair in St. Louis at the ice cream vendor ran out of paper cups and resourceful guy asked for help from a seller who was standing next to waffles. Vafelschik bake thin wafers and folded them into the shape of a cone, where the ice-cream and ice-cream imposed.

And in 1971, one of the founders of "Nike" Bill Bowerman (William Jay "Bill" Bowerman, February 19 1911 — On December 24, 1999) used his wife's waffle iron to experiment with rubber soles for cross-country shoes. As a result, the waffle maker was hopelessly flawed, and the company "Nike" exclusively patented lightweight and comfortable shoes for running. Since this event began the success story of the same name and running shoes.

So Americans are congratulating each other on a holiday for morning waffles are plenty of reasons to celebrate this day.