Day of the State Statistics Belarus

annually 23 August in the Republic of Belarus celebrates the Day of workers of state statistics.

On this day in 1920, the Military Revolutionary Committee of Belarus adopted a resolution on the establishment of the Central Bureau of Statistics. In 1994, the office was transformed into the Ministry of Statistics and Analysis.

At present system of state statistics of the Republic of Belarus are the Ministry of Statistics and Analysis and territorial bodies of state statistics, as well as other subordinate organizations (Center for the preparation and publication of statistical information for government, MCC, Scientific-Research Institute of Statistics, training centers for training and retraining of workers accounting, bookkeeping school).

The implementation of the State Program of creating a unified information system of state statistics of the Republic of Belarus, approved by the Decree of the President — one of the main activities of statistics.

Under the state program provides for the establishment of a new modern platform Automation of statistical production processes — from collecting information technology in electronic format to create a base of ready documents that contain tables, graphs, analytical and methodological materials. A modern collection of information is also the materials for a wide range of external users, using Internet technologies.