Beekeeper's Day in Ukraine

Beekeeper's Day (Day of the beekeeper) — a professional holiday of beekeepers — celebrated annually in Ukraine 19 August. Day was established by Presidential Decree number 815/97, and to celebrate it began in 1997.

This holiday fair is usually celebrated for two days and went very well and lively. Especially rich in the program of celebration in Kiev. In Kiev and Lviv regions are Fair beekeeping advocate folk art groups.

On the day of the first recall two outstanding beekeepers Ukraine — Piotr Prokopovich and Nicholas Witwicki. Conferences, roundtables, festival and parade beekeepers, which is honey and bee products companies in Ukraine. In addition, a presentation of the new published literature on beekeeping and, of course, tasting of honey and other honey products.

It is estimated that one in seven of the world ton of honey — Ukrainian. The apiaries of the country today is "working" about five million bee colonies.

On the same day, Orthodox Christians celebrate Transfiguration of Our Lord, which is popularly known as Apple Spas. On this day, the tradition in the church consecrated apples and honey. Beekeepers sanctify hives, before the onset of cold weather, the bees wintered well.