Day of the Air Force of the Republic of Belarus

Today is the feast of its military one of the most important units of the Armed Forces Belarus. Day of the Air Force staff celebrate not only the Air Force, but the Defense Forces. This tradition comes from 2001, when the two joined forces to form a single unit, whose purpose — to protect the settlements and military bases in the Republic of enemy air attack, and, if necessary, hit the enemy troops.

In composition units include the Air Force of the Republic, anti-aircraft missile troops, radar troops and special forces, and services.

The history of many parts that make up the basis of the Belarusian air force, began during World War II. These include units such as the 116th Guards Red Banner Razdorskaya bombing and reconnaissance aircraft base, 927-I Konigsberg Red Banner Order of Alexander Nevsky Fighter base, the 83rd of the Order of the Red Star separate engineering regiment airfield.

During the first ten days of the war the Germans lost 143 aircraft over Belarus. In addition, the Air Force of the Western Front, of which the later "grown up" Air Force of the Republic of Belarus, defended Moscow liberated Poland, took part in the capture of Berlin. More than a hundred Belarusian pilots became Heroes of the Soviet Union, 17 of them — twice, 18,000 military pilots were awarded orders and medals.

In the history of the Air Force Belarus many famous names. The first twice Hero of the Soviet Union became a fighter pilot Sergei Gritsevets, shot down 40 enemy aircraft. Peter Stefanovsky — the world's only test pilot who has mastered the 317 aircraft of various types, it also demonstrated the world's first aerial acrobatics on the jet. Paul made the first high-rise Golovachyov ram. Alexander Horowitz became the only pilot who in one battle, shot down nine enemy aircraft.

In the modern history of Belarus is also in place feats. For example, in 1996 a pilot Vladimir Karvat plane incident led to settlements, preventing many of the victims at the cost of his own life. He was posthumously awarded the title Hero of Belarus — for the first time in the country.