World Day of homeless animals

The moral progress of a nation can be measured by,
as this nation belongs to the animals.
Mahatma Gandhi

On the third Saturday of August is World Day of homeless animals (International Homeless Animals Day). Date appeared in the calendar on the initiative of the International Society for Animal Rights. The organization has come up with this proposal in 1992; initiative supported animal protection organizations in different countries.

This date is not a holiday, but an occasion to address the problem of stray animals, to tell as many people about their plight. Around the world on this day are educational and charitable activities. Volunteers organize concerts, contests and auctions to help raise funds that are directed to help homeless animals — primarily, of course, dogs and cats. Also this day — a good chance of finding a host for a stray dog ??or cat.

One of the tasks of the Day stray animals — to awaken the owners of animals conscious relation to its role in order to prevent the recruitment of homeless cats and dogs due to uncontrolled breeding pets. To the same end, some veterinary clinics in the day to sterilize cats and dogs free of charge.

(Photo: bouzou, Shutterstock) The problem that has attracted the attention of Day of homeless animals is really serious. In Moscow alone, the number of street dogs is estimated at several tens of thousands. Shelters is sorely lacking — not only in the capital but also throughout the country.
By the way, Russia's first private animal shelter was set up in the Moscow region in 1990. And the first of the world's known shelters for dogs appeared in Japan in 1695, it contained 50,000 animals.

The first law designed to protect animals from cruelty, was adopted in the UK. This happened in 1822. And the most favorable conditions for the animals exist in Austria, where the law forbids, for example, trim the dog's tail and ears, use of wild animals in circuses, sell puppies and kittens in the windows of pet stores and so on.