Day of Memory of Elvis Presley

16 August in the southern U.S. city of Memphis (Memphis) is a traditional Memorial Day Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley Day), a singer, musician and karate. Every year in August, thousands of fans of the King of Rock 'n' Roll gather in Memphis for Elvis Week Memory (Elvis Week).

The program includes a variety of different activities, but the important thing is that since 1983, it includes a three-day karate tournament, which come — as educators, dignitaries, judges — the great champions who personally knew . And on Aug. 16, the day of the death of Elvis, they are awarded the winners of prizes with his initials.

Before the death of Elvis, which set August 16, 1977, it sold 500 million of his records, and seven years later, that number has doubled — this could not be anyone else.

He starred in 33 films, receiving for each at least a million dollars. In 1973, broadcast of his participation collected at the screens of a billion people — so many viewers could not get even the reportage of the landing of the first man on the moon.