Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Western Christian

celebration of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Assumption of Mary) is dedicated to the remembrance about the death of Mary the Mother of God and Her bodily ascension into heaven.

On the East and the West, this holiday has a different name. The Greeks called it «Koimesis» — «Immersion in a dream" (from Church Slavonic — Assumption). In the West, the Latin name stuck «Assumption» — «taking", "acceptance", so of Russian Catholics of the Latin rite is used, along with well-established in the Russian tradition of the "Assumption" name "Taking the Blessed Virgin Mary in heavenly glory».

The early Christian monuments contain various and often conflicting information about where and how long she lived after the Virgin of Christ's earthly life.

Also inaccurate information about the death and burial of the Virgin. In most of the texts referred to the following story: after the ascension of Jesus to heaven Virgin Mary lived in Jerusalem under the care and concern of John, did pray in expectation of meeting with the Son. Three days before the death of the Virgin Mary appeared to her and the angel Gabriel announced the imminent transition to the Blessed Assumption. She called all the apostles, to say goodbye to them.

According to the request of Our Lady Her body was buried in Gethsemane, near Jerusalem, between the graves of parents and Joseph the Betrothed.

After three days in the grave came to the Apostle Thomas has not existed in Jerusalem on the day of her death, but instead of the body of the Virgin Mary in the tomb were the roses.

Corporal taking Mary into heaven, as well as its freedom from original sin, is a dogma of the Catholic Faith . And although her fall asleep, people believed for centuries, this dogma has officially been issued only in 1950.

As with other holidays honoring the Virgin Mary, on this day the believers necessarily visit the Mass and a prayer.

In some Western European countries, such as Austria, Greece, France, this day is a national holiday and weekend.

Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Virgin Mary new style — on August 28.