Day archaeologist

Despite the fact that the history of this holiday is not related to any events and discoveries, and the holiday itself is neither a state nor national, archaeologists celebrate their professional holiday 15 August.

Archaeology — (from the Greek archaios — ancient and logos — teaching) — the study of antiquities, the study of the life and culture of ancient peoples on the extant real monuments. This is completely detached science. All historical events are set either by the written sources, or according to archeology. Written communication remains extremely little, and household stuff — sometimes more than you can imagine.

In Russian archeology began to develop the mid-19th century, when archeology became interested in the Count Alex S. Uvarov. At first, he did not have any idea about the technology of the excavation. But it was his research formed the basis for the further development of the science of antiquities.

In recent years, Russia has revived interest in the history of the country, is a lot of books and monographs on the subject. But it is safe to say that almost none of them would not be scientifically proven without archaeological evidence. Every summer, in all corners of Russia opens new field seasons.

One of the most interesting archaeological finds of the last century can be called the very first discovery of ancient birch bark letters during excavations in Novgorod.

In 2008, the President and Vice-President of the World Archaeological Congress (World Archaeological Congress) called on UNESCO initiative institution July 17 of the World Day of Archaeology (World Archaeology Day ), which will help draw attention to the importance of the profession, which is a powerful tool for learning about the past and one of the ways to preserve priceless cultural heritage.