Birthday Fidel Castro

(Fidel Castro) — one of the most prominent political figures in the world. Hardly anyone will doubt the fact that during the last four decades, this man ascended the political Olympus Cuban revolution, still never ceases to delight both his supporters and opponents of inexhaustible strength of mind, intellectual talent and ability, contrary to all obstacles to achieve your goals.

But his life was not always as romantic as heroic. Castro has gone through in my life very much. His biography can not be separated either from the history of the Cuban Revolution, or the life of Cuban society. And almost from the moment storming of the Moncada barracks Cuban revolution personified natural primarily with the image of its leader.

Castro — not just an outstanding political leader of Cuba or developing countries. People belong to this scale political history of the world. For decades, Fidel — the generator of ideas, the brain and the heart of the revolutionary process developing in Cuba. At the same time, the deeper the process evolves, the more his work merges and dissolves in the life of Cuban society in the work of an extensive network of political, governmental and grassroots organizations. Nevertheless, Fidel is never lost in their shadow. A born leader, Fidel Castro, was for many years in the dynamic movement on the political scene.

Castro considers himself a revolutionary, fighting against imperialism in the developing world, he sent troops to help the Marxist regime in Angola and Ethiopia. He is acerbic critic of American foreign policy.

Fidel Castro Ruz was born 13 August in 1926. Sign is the third decade of the Lion. People who appeared on the light under the sign of the zodiac, according to astrology, distinguished by courage, responsibility and capacity for hard work for the selected target. The third decade of Leo symbolizes the development of the individual to the level where it is — or much unnoticed — embodies the will of the stories.