Women's Day in Tunisia

Woman in Tunisia, particularly revered. on August 13 beautiful half of this small country in North Africa celebrates a holiday — Mother's Day (Womens' Day in Tunisia).

This day is celebrated the independence of women and recognition of their contribution to the development of the nation. August 13, 1956 was adopted by the Manifesto, recognizing women's legal subjects.

On the eve of Women's Day all the men sit down at the TV and listen carefully to the president — what are the additional rights of women will get another as a gift. So, for example, the government in one of the last holidays banned the local traffic police to fine women drivers after 20 pm, when they broke the rules of the road.

Women in Tunisia are given very much attention. And for good reason — because the woman and the keeper of the hearth, and mother, and wife, and the entire order in the house rests on her fragile shoulders. Therefore, great attention is paid to moral education of women, almost from its very birth. Even in school, the girls have a certain dress code, boys — no. The man is being polygamous, here it is well understood, and the woman — the basis of all the basics.

Today's holiday in the country — a national holiday.