International Day of left-handers

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— Why?
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The modern world was created for people who do everything right hand. Written and kitchen utensils, doors and locks, computer mice, and much more made for right-handers. The remaining adaptable. Fortunately, the left-handed students are not forced to write right, but at present there are some parents, teachers or even teachers who are trying to re-educate "wrong child».

International Day of left-handers (International Lefthanders Day) for the first time noted 13 August in 1992 on the initiative of the British Club of left-handers, established in 1990.

On this day, the left-hander around the world seek to draw attention to the need for producers to take into account their convenience, arrange a variety of activities and competitions. However, the main concern of the Club of Great Britain lefties is that in many schools across the country left-handed children are still keen to retrain to the letter with his right hand, which causes psychological stress and lower student achievement.

In Russia, a left-handed attitude suspicious. They were even forbidden to testify in court. It was believed that the devil himself was left-handed. And in Soviet schools of small left-handed retrained without fail. Psychologists believe that all these people are left-handed have a strong character and a strong creative potential.

According to statistics, about 10% of the world's population — left-handed.

The list of famous people who have done everything "with one hand" strikes — , , Michelangelo, , , and , , .

handedness was and , and , and , and even the three presidents of the United States — , , .

Some scientists believe that the president of Russia is a hidden left-handed.