Day prosecutors Moldova

January 29, 1992 in Moldova, the Law number 902 -XII ¬ęProsecutor's office", the date of the adoption of the Law and became an official day of the prosecutor.

Article 1 of the Act states that "In accordance with the Constitution, the Attorney General and subordinate prosecutors supervise the correct and uniform application law by public authorities, legal entities and natural persons and their associates. " And also, that "the prosecutor's office defends the legality of the rights and freedoms of citizens, promote the administration of justice in accordance with the law."

Moldovan Prosecutor's Office is authorized to:
— on behalf and in the interest of society to ensure the fulfillment of the law, to protect the rule of law, human rights and freedoms in the case where the violation thereof shall entail the application of criminal sanctions;
— lead the prosecution and implement it;
— to represent the prosecution in the courts;
— to participate in accordance with the law in civil cases (including the case of administrative proceedings) and cases of offenses, the production of which the Prosecutor's Office instituted
— provide legal assistance and international cooperation in the sphere of its activity;
— to implement the criminal policy of the state;
— ensure the effective protection of witnesses, victims and other participants in the process;
— in cases stipulated by law bring civil lawsuits;
— to monitor the implementation of laws in pre-trial detention and prison facilities;
— to monitor the legality of the Armed Forces;
— to monitor the execution of court decisions in criminal cases.

During the long years of the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Moldova, in fact proves to be one of the main state attributes in the implementation of the rule of law and protection of fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens.

Only professionalism and efforts made by prosecutors supervising the implementation of the Constitution and the laws of the state, other documents governing the socio-economic life of the country, can be reduced to a minimum level of corruption and other social evils.