The celebration in honor of Our Lady of Smolensk

miraculous icon of the Virgin, called "Hodigitria Smolensk" , known in Russia since ancient times. Hodigitria (from the Greek. — The Guide) — one of the most common images of the Blessed Virgin and Child.

Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God — one of the most important shrines of the Russian land. Believers give and receive from her abundant help of grace.

Greek Emperor Constantine IX Monomakh (Porfirorodny), giving in 1046 his daughter, Princess Anne, Prince Vsevolod of Chernigov Yaroslav, blessed it in the way of the miraculous icon of the Hodegetria . After the death of his son, Prince Vsevolod, Vladimir Monomakh suffered an icon from Chernigov to Smolensk. Icon with 1111 stored in the Smolensk cathedral church, hence the current name of the icon. With the help of Our Lady of the pious Prince Vladimir Monomakh subdue unruly feudal princes and became Grand Prince of Kiev, his strong right hand set in Russia peace and tranquility.

Of the many wonders of this icon accompli, particularly remarkable deliverance of Smolensk from the Tartars. In 1239, during the Russian invasion of the land of the hordes of Batu Khan, one of the detachments of the enemy went to Smolensk.

Icon of the Mother of God "Protectress" SmolenskayaZhiteli the city, seeing the imminent death and not being able to reflect a formidable enemy, sent a fervent prayer to the Virgin Mary. Mother of God heard their prayers and grant salvation to the city for the sake of his icons "Protectress" through His faithful servant, a devout soldier of Mercury, which penetrated at night in the camp of Batu and killing a lot of enemies, including their most powerful warrior who defended the inhabitants of the city.

The celebrations in honor of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God set (new style): 10 August 1525 to commemorate the return of Smolensk, Russia, on Dec. 7 to commemorate the intercession of the Virgin in a battle with Batu and 5 November in honor of the expulsion of the enemies of the Fatherland in the War of 1812 year.