Day of Fire Protection of Ukraine

annually 29 January in the Ukraine celebrates the Day of workers of fire protection. This professional holiday was established in support of the initiative, launched by the employees of fire protection of the country.

Story of the foundation of the first fire departments began in the first half of the 19th century — in January 1841 was formed the first regular structure Starokievsky firehouse which consisted of 25 people.

Later in leadership positions were appointed professional firefighters, and in January 1921 in Kiev opened the first courses of fire instructors. By the end of 1929 the calculation of Kiev firefighters was 9 units, staffed by 13 cars.

Historically, the job of fire divided into Ukraine and Kiev regions. This is understandable — in the capital are concentrated monuments of architecture and art, government and state institutions, major banks and businesses. However, work in remote areas, according to Ukrainian firefighters themselves, no less demanding and dangerous.

On the first alarm call firefighters Ukraine immediately go to where there is an extreme situation, where you have to stop the fire element, save lives. Rapid elimination of the consequences of Chernobyl — this is just one example of the high standards of performance Ukrainian firefighters.

Firefighters inherent qualities such as dedication, always ready to help, the ability to self-sacrifice. Workers in fire protection in the most difficult situations will always show integrity, professionalism, courage and personal discipline.