Independence Day in Ecuador

10 August residents of Ecuador celebrate Independence Day (Independence Day in Ecuador) — the anniversary of the proclamation of independence from Spanish colonization, August 10, 1809.

19th century was marked by Ecuador and throughout Latin America, the national liberation wars and revolutions. Getting them to put the revolution in the capital of Ecuador — Quito (Quito) — in August 1809.

The result was proclaimed the country's independence from Spanish colonization. Another revolution occurred in October 1810. National Movement won in 1822, when the Colombian army defeated the Spaniards. Control over Ecuador received .

Capital of Ecuador, Quito, admittedly — one of the most beautiful cities in South America. It combines a large number of traditions and cultures. Quito — the first city in the world, declared by UNESCO in 1978, a monument of world cultural heritage.

Of Quito is located in the northwestern part of South America, in the mountain valley of the Andes, on the southern slope of the Pichincha volcano, at an altitude of 2818 meters above sea level.

Independence Day in Ecuador, especially in Quito, held military parades and school, as well as social and artistic events.

July 24 in Ecuador celebrate Day Simon Bolivar — Liberator.