Edinburgh International Festival of the Arts

Edinburgh International Arts Festival (The Edinburgh International Festival) — one of the world's largest performing arts festivals. It takes place in the Scottish capital each year in August and lasts for almost a month.

Edinburgh Festival is unique. There are both theatrical, opera, dance and music. It includes concerts of classical, orchestral, chamber and vocal music, theater performances, opera, dance shows, ballets performed by the leading creative teams from around the world. Edinburgh International Festival of the Arts is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest in the world.

The festival was established in 1947 to revive the humanitarian spirit of European art after the Second World War, as well as the maintenance and development of the common European cultural values ??and culture. Quickly enough, he became one of the largest arts festivals in Europe and then the world. Currently, the participants of the festival — it's performing groups and artists from dozens of countries, and the guests of Edinburgh — more than 2 million people.

The very first festival shared on the official program and the "informal" part, the latter of which appeared due to the eight theater troupes, speaking on the streets of the city. Since then, the tradition has not been interrupted.

The festival includes concerts of classical music (Photo: Evgeniy Gorbunov, Shutterstock) In the official part of the festival invites bands and artists, selected in advance — by tradition, the festival director personally send them an invitation. Their performances are held in several downtown theaters and concert halls of Edinburgh, as well as many other less important scenes. They appear before the audience in the performance of classical music, drama, opera, dance and other art forms of creativity.

Traditionally, the festival is attended by such famous groups as the Scottish symphony and chamber orchestras, the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra , Cleveland and Minnesota Orchestras, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Russian National Orchestra and many others. It used to take part and .

Along with the official program runs and the "informal" part — Festival "Fringe» («Fringe» — extreme, going beyond conventional) — festival of experimental performance art, which is open to all interested groups. Traditionally, it begins a week before the Edinburgh Festival and ends in late August.

In contrast to the official program, "Fringe" is a showcase of the liberal arts, at times bordering on the street carnival. To participate in it there are no restrictions, so artists from around the world bring their new products here, and even the most daring and experimental productions, sometimes going beyond the traditional art. In an extensive program of "Fringe" and more street theater performances in the open air.

Every day, and virtually around the clock, during the Edinburgh International Arts Festival takes place more than 1,000 performances on different venues of the city. This grand festive event, which of the theaters and concert halls poured directly onto the streets of Edinburgh. One of the main events — the nightly parade of military bands

One of the main events of the festival are the nightly parade of military bands «Military Tattoo», where they show their skills orchestras for more than thirty countries around the world. And the festival ends with a grand fireworks display in the park near Edinburgh Castle. This is a fantastic colorful fireworks show (Edinburgh Festival Fireworks Concert) — the largest in Europe.

Today Edinburgh Festival earning it the title of one of the greatest festivals in the world of art. Compared with other similar festivals, it takes a whole: and the variety of art forms, and the free democratic atmosphere, and the interweaving of different cultures and peoples of the world. Each of the participants and spectators will make it a lot of artistic discovery, feel its unique magical atmosphere.