Day of the forest fire in U.S.

9 August in the United States celebrated the day with a somewhat unusual name — Day Dymnyashki, called Smokey Bear Day.

Dymnyashka — it's cute bear, warning of the danger of forest fires, the symbol of the U.S. Forest Service (US Forest Service). On television series "Save the forest fire" bear portrayed in a hat and jeans and utters the phrase, "Only you can prevent forest firesĀ» (Only you can prevent forest fires).

Forest Service, the major campaigns in the history of America, was established in 1905 and is a department of the USDA. Forest Service monitors the public lands in forests and grass areas, which cover an area of ??193 million acres.

Bear DymnyashkaZhivym embodiment, the organization has served as a symbol of the history of 1950. So one fine spring day in the mountains of New Mexico with the fire tower was seen smoke rising from the forest clubs. The strong wind blew the fire rapidly quickly. Everyone who could, took part in extinguishing the fire, from the security services and ending the locals.

Suddenly firefighters saw a small bear. They decided to leave it alone, because they thought that the mother-bear come for him.

A few hours later the fire was extinguished. Local residents and firefighters again found the bear alone. He hid in a wide hollow of a tree. His feet were bleeding from burns.

This story was leaked to the press soon. People wrote letters to the Department to find out how it feels to bear. Soon he was transferred to the National Zoo in Washington. So he became a living symbol of the National Society for the Protection of Nature of fires.